This Saturday is Halloween and if you are looking to get into a scary and spooky mood, here are 10 classic Halloween movies to watch this week.

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Due to COVID-19, most of us will not be heading out this Halloween, so here is a list of movies to get you all the Halloween feels that you need.

1. Halloween (1978) - This is a classic and introduced the world to Jamie Lee Curtis!

2. Scream - This teen driven movie will not only scare your kids, but you too!

3. Hocus Pocus - This 1993 movie has turned into a cult classic

4. Get Out - This 2017 movie is one of the best scary movies released in the past 5 years.

5. Beetlejuice - Another 80's classic movie, but just remember not to say the title three times in a row!

6. Carrie - This 70's flick is not one to make fun of.

7.The Exorcist - the 70's was a good time for scary movies. Split pea soup or not, you will be scared!

8. The Blair Witch Project - Some say this is the scariest movie ever.

9. Paranormal Activity - If you like scary movies that could happen in real life, this one is for you.

10. The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Another cult classic that will have up laughing, crying, and dancing.


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