Some events people like to grab a few drinks before attending and some are more obvious than others. Sports events, college parties or even just a night out on the town. asked "over 1,000 Americans how much they drank before going out and which events they did it for.

It's begging to look a lot like Christmas! It looks like the holiday brings out the booze in everyone! Family Holiday Gatherings finished high on the list after sports and clubbing. Instead of going with a grudge people apparently just imbibe to make it through. While the family gathering tops the lost there are plenty of other events people need to prep for!

Here Are The Events That People Get Drunk Before Attending 

  1. Family’s Holiday Gathering 39%
  2. Wedding, 36%.
  3. A Date, 29% . . (first date, 22%, and blind date it's 20%)
  4. A Flight, 26%.
  5. Dinner With Family 24.9%
  6. Office Christmas Party 23%
  7. First Date, 22%,
  8. Blind Date 20%
  9. A Funeral, 19%.
  10. The last day of school, 15%.

See the full list, in order, from and continue reading to see what the organization uncovered about the tradition of pregaming in the U.S.

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