I wouldn't change anything about where I grew up. Not only did I grow up in Buffalo, I also spent my childhood and teenage years in the northtowns, but also spent five years of my life living in Hamburg, and now in South Buffalo, which is like the gateway between the north and southtowns.

Food is something you can never go wrong with in Western New York. There are literally dozens and dozens of awesome places to get food all over the Buffalo area.

However, there are some pretty iconic spots to try in the southtowns. They're places most everyone has been too and many go there on a consistent basis.

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Just for refrence, we're going to count East Aurora here, even though East Aurora many times is kind of in its own category -- it's still a bit of a drive for those in the northtowns.

What are some of the most iconic restaurants in the southtowns? Here are 10 of them that chances are, you have been to.

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