The summer of 2020 has been busy and hot for home improvement companies. Home owners are spending more time at home and finding ways to improve their living space. It may be time for more space or an upgrade to your atmosphere?

If you are planning to get some work done, you need to be prepared. Not only do you shopping for price and style and colors and all that god stuff. You need to know that the people who will be working for you don't need you to entertain them or go overboard as a host for them.

True, you may be bored and you may have watched ten thousand episodes of your favorite HGTV show. You might think you can play the role of TV host and be a part of the action?

Full disclosure? I am probably the worst when it comes to this. I love to be "involved" and have a way of going to far in making people feel welcome when they work at our house. I've done some thinking and put together a list of some of the questions I find I ask when someone comes to work at the house. With a little help from friends and family, I came up with the responses that the worker should give you or at least what they might be thinking after you ask your random, sometimes awkward questions.

Use this as a guide. Just because you are spending money to get a job done, doesn't mean you should be in the way of the work that being performed.

10 Things Not To Ask Your Home Improvement Workers

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