Late July and early August is typically the hottest time of the year. For those in Buffalo and Western New York, that heat is something that is not that familiar.

It's difficult for temperatures to consistently reach 90 degrees in Buffalo, which is mostly due to the proximity of Lake Erie. Many other cities routinely reach 90 and even 100 degrees, which is a foreign concept to Buffalonians.

This week will likely be the hottest time of the entire year for Western New York, as temperatures reached 90 on Wednesday and will be 82 degrees for a high on Thursday. Friday sees a return to very hot temps and there even could be a 100-degree reading in there.

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The National Weather Service says that Thursday will dry out and that will pave the way for a dry Friday, which will likely be the hottest day we have seen so far this summer.

Buffalo is forecasted to see a high of 91 degrees, with areas south in the mid-90's. However, Lockport's forecasted high is 97 degrees, which could mean they reach a 100-degree reading at some point on Friday.

If you're wondering, Lockport's temperature record is 97 degrees. Buffalo's is 99 degrees.

Having experienced 100-degree heat in places like Tennessee and Louisiana, Buffalo's hottest moments are still not as bad as those states. The heat in New Orleans hits you like a brick wall, because of the humidity and heaviness of the air.

Be sure to not wear heavy clothing tomorrow, hydrate and if you're a dog owner, don't have them outside very long.

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