Everyone knows that right now in Western New York there seems to be a shortage of workers around town. Not only is there a shortage here in Buffalo, but it seems to be a problem all across the United States.

Whether you are working jobs like plumbing, electrical or landscaping all the way to restaurant workers and bartenders, there is certainly a shortage. You can go to lunch on a random Tuesday at the Cracker Barrel and you could be waiting 90 minutes just to get sat FOR LUNCH! It is all because of people not coming back to work. If you ask folks who have stopped working why they have no returned to work, you may hear that there is, what they call, a 'wage shortage' meaning they think they are not making enough money for the work that they are doing.

General Motors is looking for 100 people to come work and for good pay and benefits, too! Now that the car market is getting back on track and more cars are being sold, they need more workers. They are looking to fill a lot of opportunities at the Lockport location including:

There are currently 80, hourly temp positions open. The schedules are both full and part-time.


The Lockport plant is also hoping to fill 20, full-time salaried group leader positions.


Prospective candidates must be at least 18 years old and be flexible to work any day and shift, including weekends", according to WGRZ.

General Motors is one of those places that you go to work and end up making a career out of it. I am sure we all know someone in Western New York who has grown up and done such.

Take a look at the jobs listed here for your next opportunity!

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