Thousands of people will be headed to Highmark Stadium this weekend.  If you're one of them, make sure you follow these 12 rules and you'll have a blast.

This set of rules should be obvious for people who go to Bills games regularly.  If you're there all the time, chances are, you know how you should and shouldn't act at a stadium.  However, not everyone has the luxury of going to an NFL game every week.  So this list is set up mostly for the fans who don't really know how they should act, and a reminder for some who still haven't figured it out.

If they're rules, then why aren't they written down?

Some of these rules actually are written in the fan conduct code.  But most of them are just etiquette.

Sadly, football is an emotional game, not just for the players, but for the fans too.  But as a fan, one of the biggest things you should remember is that it's just that.  It's a game.  Relax a little and enjoy it for what it is.  It might make you happy.  It might make you angry or sad, but that's what entertainment is all about.  It's about making you feel something.  And for a couple of hours, that's what you get with football.

Why do they call fans the 12th man?

You've heard players mention that the fans can be a huge influence on the game.  Fans who know when to cheer for their team and when to be quiet to help them work their magic can have an impact.  There are 11 players on the field.  They call the fans the 12th man because when the fans know what they're doing, it makes it feel as though there are 12 out there.

What's the biggest rule to follow?

If there was one rule that you should follow it's just to be respectful of other people in the stadium.  We hear the stories of people who have gotten into fights every week and it's a shame.  Cheer for your team.  Let everyone else cheer for their team.  But be respectful and remember that it's just a game.

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