If you are looking for a haunted adventure this Halloween, how about taking a peek inside an abandoned Tuberculosis hospital located in Western New York.

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The J.N. Adams Hospital was built by the former mayor of Buffalo James Adams and was a tuberculosis treatment center from its inception in 1912 until 1960. The hospital was run by the city of Buffalo until 1948 when it was turned over to the State of New York and was one of seven Tuberculosis centers across the state.

The facility was officially closed in 1995 and the hospital was abandoned by the state. The rumor is that the hospital is haunted and the grounds are currently closed to the public.

Inside the hospital, you will find curved hallways which many hospitals built in the early 1900s had. The reason for the curved hallways was to make it impossible to put hospital beds in the hallways which many hospitals used to do due to overcrowding.

The hospital sits on about 300 acres of land and has a total of 15 buildings on the property. The hospital was known for its Stained Glass dome that sat atop the facilities cafeteria.

The grounds are still located on private property and you could be arrested or fined for trespassing if you are caught on the grounds by the police. 9 people were arrested for trespassing in July 2014, while later that year another group of thrill-seekers was also arrested while on the property. Two teenagers were arrested in 2017 when they were caught by police on the property breaking windows and doors.

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