More and more survival stories are coming out from Oklahoma following the recent storms that basically leveled entire towns.The cleanup will take months, maybe years, and some are still searching for their family members as well. Some are also searching for their four-legged family members.

After 6 days, one family was reunited with their 13-year-old cat.

While searching through the rubble and piles of devastation, a Boy Scout was able to rescue the cat.

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Justin Hulmerangel helped pass out donated items and helped with the search and clean up efforts. While he was searching in the rubble of Jo Humann’s home, he came across a cat in a litter box under a table.

I guess there really are nine lives for cats! Even though there are many sad stories after the tornadoes ripped through the Midwest, some amazing stories are making it to the media. I think if my house was leveled, the first thing I would worry about would be my dog Pepper! Thank goodness for people like this Boy Scout and for celebrities like Miranda Lambert who have made it their personal cause to save, rehabilitate and reunite pets with their owners!

Cat is reunited! (OK Dept Of Ag)