The summer is here and that means trying to find things to either fills the time or keep your kids entertained! As I found out quick, playing with kids is so much fun! Heck, even buying toys for kids is fun.

When we were kids, we didn't seem to have the incredible amount of toy options that kids do these days.

Like most families in 2021, trying to do things that don't involve screens, tablets or phones can be a challenge. It is the world we live in. Most things are digital these days and I am convinced that if my parents had access to these items, they would have also used them as a good distraction for kids. I mean how many hours of time did kids spend watching Sesame Street or Barney or any other kid friendly show? Kids today can do the same just on the go or on a small screen.

But when it comes to toys, you never really know what will work to entertain your kids until you get them home. The toy that your kid loves and has to have in the store, may be just sit on the shelf at the house or on the floorboards of the family car after just a few minutes of use.

I wish I could say what works for each kid. But after having three boys over the last five years, I have noticed that each kid is different and has different tastes. BUT there are some toys that, looking back and had we known, we would have tried to switch or simply leave in the package. Toys that are loud or painful to step on or have millions of pieces are a struggle to keep and not trash or hide from the boys. Alternatively, there are some toys that we simply couldn't live without!

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