$2 bills are worth up to thousands of dollars right now.

Wow, you are definitely going to want to check any 2 dollar bills that you have around the house. Maybe you have been holding onto them because 'one day they will be worth some money'. Well, luckily for you that day has come and some people are turning those $2 bills for up to $4,500.

There are a couple million of the certain ones in circulation so certainly check---that is A LOT OF THEM.

There are 3 different $2 bills that you should look out for.

They are based on the age of the bill, whether they were circulated or not into currency and sometimes, the condition. Here is what you should look for and an example of how much, at least one of that type, has sold for.

  • 1890 series $2 bill with a brown seal - $4,500
  • $2 bill with a red seal - $2.25 to $2,500.
  • $2 bills from 1976 and 2003 uncirculated - $2.25 to $500

There is a pretty big spread sheet that you can see the values and exact criteria. At our house we took a few of our $2 bills out and we had some that were worth more than the 2 bucks! I have no clue why exactly we were saving them because they are used in circulation, you just do not see them often at the cash register.

Here is the spread sheet that you can look at from the United States Currency Auction. How many $2 bills are there in circulation?

While the note is less common, $2 bills are still being printed (108.3 million entered circulation in 2022) and count as legal tender. You can even pick them up at a bank, though it’ll likely only feature the design that took to the presses in 1976", according to WIVB.

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