Buffalo mayoral candidate India Walton has over $600 in unpaid parking tickets including an expired inspection sticker.

India Walton could become the first woman mayor of Buffalo, New York and the first socialist mayor in the United States in decades.

1.) After 120 days of unpaid parking tickets, your car get towed by law in Buffalo.

2.) Could this be a deliberate act of intimidation by Byron Brown, who lost the Democratic Primary to Walton earlier this year? Walton suggests that could be a thing, but there were 8 other cars that were towed by the City of Buffalo as well, so it was not exactly an isolated incident.

In her tweet, which you can see below, India Walton suggests that Byron Brown does not tax the rich in Buffalo, but instead purposely targets low-income folks.

"I'm still a low income mother enrolled in Medicaid. People like me don't always have the money to pay for tickets", the tweet reads

The campaign manager of Byron Brown said to WIVB:

Today is another example of Ms. Walton’s failure to take responsibility for anything – there is always someone else to blame or a conspiracy around the corner,” said Conor Hurley, Campaign Manager of Brown for Buffalo. “Breaking the law is not ‘my bad…but’ over and over. If you don’t follow the law, you can’t be expected to uphold it.”

Byron Brown has been the mayor of Buffalo since 2005, but lost to India Walton in the primary election where voter turnout was extremely low.  The general election in Buffalo will be on November 2, 2021.

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