It is not Halloween just yet but some of the forecasts are a little scary theses days as we are getting ready for frigid air to creep in.

There are few things better than fall in New York State. The leaves are changing, football season is here and so are the cool, crisp evenings. In some places, the leaves are at their peak. The colors seemed brighter this fall and some say it had to do with the drier than normal conditions from this past summer.

But like it or not, the next season is rushing in like your favorite linebacker on a quarterback. The winter months are coming and the snow will be here soon. It looks like in at least one town, it is already starting.

The forecast for Saranac Lake, New York is calling for cold air over the next ten days. On Sunday and Monday, October 22 and 23, the mercury in that town will be in the lower to mid 20's overnight!

But, for now, it is the October weather we are used to.

The kids around New York State are excited for Halloween and fingers crossed, we will NOT have to wear a coat over our costumes!! But there have been a few years where we had to walk from house to house through snow on the leaves.

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