The new year will be here in just a few days and there are a few laws that will be added or changed in New York State. One of the changes pertains to lifeguards in New York State.

Even though winter is just starting here in the Empire State, this is a great time to look ahead, prepare and dream about the summer of 2024. There are so many exciting things to look forward to and if you need a part-time or summer job, New York State has plenty to offer and now the rules are allowing even younger people to keep beaches and pool safer.

When the ball drops in Times Square in New York City and 2024 begins, a new law will allow people as young as 15 to be lifeguards. It seems each year we are seeing a greater need for lifeguards. Some swimming locations have been forced to close as a result of being understaffed and specifically understaffed at the lifeguard position.

2024 Law Pertains To Swimming In New York State

The need for lifeguards is so great that not only are the age requirements changing, there are job opening already being posted in portions of New York State.

We are blessed to have some amazing parks, campgrounds, beaches and swimming facilities here in New York State. Seeing them closed is a bummer since the outdoor swimming season is so short in this region. If you or young person you know is interested, it is a great opportunity to help save lives and get some fresh air and a nice tan!

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