If you are a parent in Western New York and you have gone to your fair share of birthday parties for your kids, you know that there are some that go really well, and some that could use a little bit of help.

Here are a few golden rules to go by if you are a parent and you are the one THROWING the birthday party:


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    September 8

    Starting September 8 there is a rule. You cannot have a kids birthday party on a Sunday once the Buffalo Bills season starts. It doesn't matter if they are on a bye week or if they are playing a 4 PM game. We only get one bye week and we have other things we want to catch up on.

    *The only exception to the rule is if your kids wants a Buffalo Bills themed birthday party and the party is exactly from 1 - 4 PM and we don't have any interruptions.

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    Leaving Your Kid

    If the birthday party is somewhere and there is a time limit, lets say you are at the Bounce House place in the Eastern Hills mall from 2 - 4 and you are leaving your kid. That's fine, but you can't go far. Go to target, go to the store, go to Duff's, whatever you want, but if there is a problem and someone wants you to pick up your kid, you better be there fast.

    It's a birthday party not a daycare.

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    Feeding the Parents

    I don't like controversy so, I would never say anything out loud, but if you have a kid birthday party and you want the parents there, you have to feed them. Of course, it is more money, but we have been to birthday parties where they only feed the kids. More than anything, it just looks tacky.

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