Most of the huge houses or mansions you see are in a neighborhood, maybe a gates community. They have a standard look you have seen hundreds of times before. A front lawn, long driveway and made of bricks.

This mansion is not your everyday million-dollar home.

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Yes, believe it or not, this $45 million modern-looking mansion is not located in California or Florida, but rather, New York State. Hyde Park along the Hudson River to be exact.

Listed on Zillow for $45 million, it's easy to see why. It features both an indoor and outdoor pool, along with an elevated hot tub.

It's foundation is limestone and glass, with sculptures inside with rare stones from Africa and Europe.

The master bedroom features a huge glass window that looks out over the Hudson River, and the living rooms are huge. The entire estate features nearly 15,000 square feet in space.

The home is so big, you can even land a helicopter by the front door, if you so choose.

The glass windows encompassing the entire room is my favorite feature about this home. It was designed extremely well -- you have that beautiful river right there, so let whoever lives there know with every room they enter.

Check out some photos below.

$45 Million Mansion in New York State

Yes, believe it or not this amazing modern mansion is in New York State.

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