There is a group called The Unicode Consortium that decides what emojis make it to our phones.  We think these Buffalo ones need to be there too.

I mean, they just announced a whole new group of emojis for your phones.  They include A yellow smiley face wearing Groucho Marx glasses . . . a ninja . . . blueberries . . . a seal . . . several different bugs . . . a rock . . . a tombstone . . . a feather . . . a roller skate . . . a flip-flop . . . an accordion . . . a magic wand . . .

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Half of these things, you'll never use.  I mean come on...a fondue pot?  Who needs that?

However, in Buffalo, we could use these:

1.  A chicken wing - a drumstick isn't cutting it.  Let's get to the part of the chicken that people really like to eat.  Yes...of course I'm talking about the wing.

2.  Beef on weck - I can see the text now.  "Want to go to Bar-bill for some (enter chicken wing emoji here) and (enter beef on weck emoji here).

3.  An actual Buffalo - There's a mammoth...but no Buffalo?  Come on...when are we going to use a mammoth? (UPDATE:  This one is actually coming!  It should be included later this year.)

4.  A broken table - Or any table at all.  How is this not a thing already?

5.  Water fall - there are drops of water...but no waterfall.  Come on emoji people...get it together.


What emojis are we missing?  We need to get this ball rolling and get in touch with the Unicode Consortium!


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