If you love snow, you may want to move to Western New York! After a week of nothing but lake effect snow, whiteouts and travel bans, residents in that portion of New York State have certainly had their fair share of winter weather. While the forecast is calling for more snow, there is one highway that was buried!

The issue with the snow is not necessarily the amount of snow as much as it is the blowing and drifting. With the proper tires and all-wheel drive, it is not that hard to get through most of the snowstorms. However, when the wind blows and there are whiteout conditions forcing traffic to stop, that is when the problems and gridlock start. The travel bans that have been in place have allowed crews to clean up to get people moving again.

This past week was a record setter snowfall for some locations in New York State. If you drive a mile or two down the road, there may not be any snow at all! Lake effect snow is just plain crazy!! The New York State Thruway and Western New York division of the NYS DOT was busy moving mountains of snow and in one spot, FIVE FEET of the white stuff.

SNOW RESPONSE: Thruway crews assist our partners NYS DOT with snow removal on State Route 400 in West Seneca. This area has received more than 5 feet of #snow since the weekend.

Hopefully the snow is tapering off for awhile. There is a slight warming trend coming next week in New York State.

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