You've heard the phrase, "Can't live with em, can't live without em."  But sometimes you don't have a choice.  If you had to pick the habits that your man has that drive you crazy, what would they be?  Here are a few habits that men have that we think drives most women nuts.

  1. Being late -- If you're constantly showing up late, it shows a lack of respect.  Time is precious.
  2. You're forgetful -- Birthdays and anniversaries are important to many women.  So is what they just said 10 minutes ago.
  3. You leave things out of your stories -- Skipping over some facts can be viewed as lying by some women.  If you're going to tell a story, better get all the facts straight first.
  4. You are cheap -- Valentine's day only comes once a year.  Buy her the flowers that she likes.  Get her the card too.  It's just a couple bucks but it will show her that you thought of her and wanted to make her feel special.
  5. You stare at other women -- Ok, to mention every now and again that you think someone else is pretty is one thing.  To all-out stare at other women can make your significant other feel pretty worthless.  Again, they want you to make them feel special.

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