Evelyn Peyton, ThinkStock
Evelyn Peyton, ThinkStock

Some city names just make you think of patriotism, of the Stripes and Stars, of America. And quite a few New York State towns and villages bear those inspiring names.

In the United States, 31 places have the word 'liberty' in their names, the most populous being Liberty, Missouri with 29,581 residents, according to the United States Department of Commerce "U.S. Census Bureau News: Facts for Features The Fourth of July 2006".

Another 31 places have "eagle" in their name. The most populous community is Eagle County, Colorado, with a population of 51,359.

Twelve places have "independence" in their name, and nine places have the name "freedom". While five places are actually named "America". There is only one place named "patriot" - Patriot, Indiana, with a population of 195.

But what about New York?


  • Liberty, NY

    Liberty, NY, is a town in Sullivan County with a population of over 9,000, according to the 2010 census. The Town of Liberty also contains a village named Liberty.

  • Town of Eagle

    Eagle, NY, is in Wyoming County.

  • Independence, NY

    Independence, NY, is located in Allegany County. The town is in the southeast corner of the county.

  • Freedom, NY

    Freedom, NY, is in Cattaraugus County with a population of over 2,000 according to the 2010 census.

  • Veteran, NY

    Veteran is a town in Chemung County, NY and honors the first settler, who was a veteran of the American Revolution and the French and Indian War.

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