Yesterday kicked off one of the scariest weeks of the year, "Shark Week". Every year the Discovery Channel devotes a whole week to scaring us right out of the water.

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To help get you in the mood for "Shark Week" this year, here are 5 Movies that area MUST WATCH this week.

1. Jaws - A true Classic and the first "Shark" movie that made us not want to get into the water!

2. Sharknado - The first one is the best and while the premise is a bit corny, seeing a tornado full of sharks would definitely scare the marrow out of us!

3. Shark Tale  - this one is not scary but Shark Week is for the whole family. This is a perfect kids movie to watch with your little ones.

4. 47 Meters Down - Alright, we are back to scary shark movies!

5. The Meg - What is scarier than a shark? A giant prehistoric shark!

If you still want more shark action this week, every day Discovery is offering shark-related shows at 8 pm.


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