These days, it is hard to get an appointment for anything. We have all gotten used to the word shortage when it comes to trying to get products from stores or even services done at your home. The biggest shortage problem seems to be the labor shortages and a lack of people that are available and able to do the jobs that we need them to do. If you own pets, you may have experienced this problem not only with your veterinarian, but also with trying to keep your dog or cat groomed properly.

But thankfully, here in Western New York we have many pet groomers who will come directly to your house.

I wouldn’t wait to book an appointment with one of these pet groomers. They do seem to fill up their schedule quickly. We recently began using Park 'N' Bark as our pet groomer for our dog, Lucy. Lucy is a long-haired dachshund and needs a good haircut and shampoo every now and again. Thankfully, the mobile pet groomers pull right up to your driveway and you don’t even have to take your dog to a waiting room and sit around. They pull up, take the dog to their mobile unit and the next thing you know Fido or Spot come back looking great.

Check out the list of the five best pet groomers that we found in the Western New York area that will come directly to your driveway and take care of your dog or cat.

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