Today is National Chicken Wing Day across the country and if you love wings you will find yourself on one side of this debate.....Flats or drumsticks.

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Think of this debate as the food version of the Hatfields and McCoys. Either you love drumsticks or you love flats (aka wings). There is no middle ground.

Since 1964 when Chicken Wings were invented at the Anchor Bar when Teressa Bellissimo threw together a tasty snack for her son's friends who came into the bar late at night feeling hungry, there has been a big debate about which wing type is better...Drumsticks or Flats?

While each type of wing has its benefits and drawbacks, for me there is only one clear choice. I am totally on Team Drumstick. Down below you can see the 5 reasons why I will pay the extra $3 per order to have it all drumsticks. Now the big battle in my house is that my wife Elizabeth is all about the flats. She thinks that they are easier to eat and provide more meat than the drumsticks. (Which she is wrong for thinking but I would never say that to her face) and give you the true messy wing eating experience.

With my wife and I on opposite sides of this debate, I guess you could say our home is a perfect Buffalo home. Anytime we order wings, we know none will go to waste and we don't have to fight over our favorite type of wing.

Here are my 5 reasons why I think Drumsticks are better than flats! Check them and then let me know, are you Team Drumstick or Team Flats.

5 Reasons Drumsticks Are Better Than Flats

Go ahead and vote...Drumsticks or Flats

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