May is Mental Health Awareness Month, so WYRK is teaming up with Community Services For Every1 to bring all of listeners some everyday practices that can help you on your way to lasting mental health.

We talked with Mindy Cervoni, president and CEO of Community Services For Every1, to get her top five tips for mental self-care:

  1. Physical Health
    • "Staying active and keeping your body healthy is important to your mental health. Everything is connected! Note that being healthy does not mean looking a certain way. Being healthy means making good nutrition choices and moving your body 30 minutes a day."

  2. Getting Enough Sleep
    • "Research shows that sleep deprivation has a significant effect on our mood, mental state, anxiety, and stress levels. Aim to get 8 hours of sleep each night."

  3. Time Management
    • "We all only have 24 hours in a day. People often use the excuse “I don’t have time for self-care.” This is not true. Self-care needs to become a priority. It doesn’t just happen overnight. Making time in your schedule to actively do something that makes you happy or makes you feel good is an important factor in managing stress."

  4. Healthy Relationships
    • "Surround yourself with people who bring value to you! And eliminate those who are bringing you down and adding to stress. It’s important to maintain positive relationships, like grabbing coffee with friends or going on a date night with your spouse! Keeping up with the people who add to your life, but also cutting ties with those who bring you negativity."

  5. Doing Something You Love
    • "Most importantly, self-care is all about doing something you love. People often ask, “How do I practice self-care if I can’t afford a massage or a shopping spree?” Self-care is not about spending money; it is about doing something for yourself that makes you feel good. If that is a bath, you better schedule one after dinner and tell your family for 20 minutes you will be unavailable. If it is learning a new hobby, start Googling YouTube videos on ‘How to Knit a Scarf’! Whatever it is that you would look forward to doing every day, make that your self-care."

For more information on the services that Community Services For Every1 offers and how you can get involved helping your fellow Western New Yorkers, head to their website at the button below.

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