The spring is a time for new beginnings and new life! At one Western New York School elementary school, new life came in the form of adorable baby chickens!

There are few things that are cuter than a baby chick. One is great, but at Charlotte Avenue Elementary School in Hamburg, New York it was cute times 4 as a quartet of chickens were hatched this week.

The students in Mrs. Gainey's class have been "patiently" waiting for the chicks to arrive and, after 21 days of watching the incubator, the excitement has reached new levels. The next step? Name the chicks and in true young Bills Mafia fashion, the kids voted on a couple of Bills themed names.

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After a daily countdown to the chicks, and watching them arrive, it was time for the name election! Among the names chosen, Mrs. Gainey's students went with Josh Al-HEN in honor of the Bills QB1 and wide receiver, Kahlil Shakir was the namesake for Kahlil CHIK-kir!!

Adorable Baby Chicks At Charlotte Avenue School In Hamburg, NY

Gallery Credit: Clay Moden

Congratulations to the kindergarten classes and the students and staff at Charlotte Ave! These are some CUTE chickens!

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