In Buffalo, it is very rare to see America's bird, the bald eagle in the wild. Once in a while you'll see sightings of a bald eagle, sometimes in Zoar Valley or maybe even Chestnut Ridge recently like in 2019.

we know that people in Western New York love the sightings of them and we just had to share this video of Jake Owen took on his property in Tennessee. In his yard he has quite some property and there is a pond on it that is loaded with bass. Jake and his daughter, Pearl noticed the eagle eating something next to the pond and when they went outside to check what was happening they noticed a bass as picked apart pretty nicely.

Jake knew that the bald eagle would be back at some point so he left his phone on video next to where they saw the eagle and went to lunch. When they came back, they saw the video of the eagle coming back a couple of times. There are 3 posts, so make sure that you scroll through to see the eagle dragging the fish out of the pond and then you can see the fish at the end.

BUT, WARNING: You possible could think that the chewed up fish is disgusting.

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