Yes, we know that Buffalo is known for "chicken wings" but there are so many other great foods out there that would feel right at home here in Western New York.

Food plays a big part in the culture of any city and when more often than not a certain food gets linked with a city or region. But, what stops another city from claiming that food as their own, if they can do it better? Buffalo BBQ just sounds better than Southern BBQ right?

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A lot does go into making a food well known. It takes years and everyone in the area really has to embrace it. Plus you have to make sure that your area can pull it off and make it super tasty. No one wants their city to be known for bad food.

I posed the question on Social media asking Western New Yorkers what "famous" food they would love to claim for Buffalo and the 716. There were no rules with the question. If people felt that the food could be done here in Western New York and done well they posted.

Here are the most popular answers. Whether or not we can start calling these foods "Buffalo Foods", only time will tell.

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