The southern tier and areas east of Buffalo got a couple of inches of snow Sunday night into Monday morning, and we saw strong winds on Monday that made it feel like downright winter.

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So, the last thing you're expecting is 70-degree temperatures, right?

Apparently, that could happen this upcoming Sunday.

According to WIVB, Western New York will see a temperature shift as the week goes on with plenty of sunshine. High pressure will set up to the east as skies will clear out as the week goes on.

Wednesday through Saturday will see temperatures in the low-to-mid-60's, while we could hit 70 degrees by Sunday for the Bills game and even next Monday.

Knowing Buffalo, however, and the fact it's December, you know this won't last forever and the cold winds and snow showers will be back before Thanksgiving Day comes around, but let's try to get outside and enjoy this weather!

Keep the snow boots, winter hats, and gloves on stand by for at least another week or two.

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