This holiday season if you are looking for some Buffalo-inspired gifts to give as presents there are plenty of places to shop here in the 716.

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One thing that people in Western New York love more than the Buffalo Bills or Chicken wings is the 716 itself. Buffalonians have a lot of pride and are never afraid to show it off no matter where they live.

This Christmas, if you are looking for a Buffalo-inspired present you will find plenty of amazing shops that cater to the love of the 716.

From t-shirts to hoodies, from snowglobes to blankets, from paintings to office decor if you want to give the gift of Buffalo pride there is something for everyone.

Plus when you are shopping at these stores, you are shopping locally. You are helping Western New Yorkers build their business and help them continue to be part of their community.

From the Northtowns to the Southtowns. From the Black Rock to Larkin Square, you can shop for Buffalo in Buffalo for people from Buffalo.

The best part is that these gifts are perfect for the Western New Yorkers that have moved away from the 716.

Every year for Christmas, I send Buffalo-inspired gifts to my niece and two nephews in Charlotte. They love it and it helps keep them in touch with their Buffalo roots even though they now live hundreds of miles away. Plus it is always special to have Buffalo and Western New York represented all over the county.

So for all your Buffalo-inspired gifts, check out these 8 amazing places.

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