Every great story has a great villain, right?  They're characters that people just love to hate.  In Buffalo, we have a few.

Everyone knows who Buffalo's heroes are.  Any of the people who have made us proud over the years and sung our city's praises on a large platform would fit that bill.  Jim Kelly, Chris Berman, Tim Russert.  People like Del Reid who is the owner of 26 Shirts and a Buffalo advocate would make it to that list.

Merriam-Webster would define a villain as "anyone who opposes a hero or someone who is blamed for a particular evil or difficulty."

We've got plenty of them here...even just in the last couple of decades.

Don't get me wrong, I think Buffalonians are very friendly.  And I don't advocate hate.  We are the city of good neighbors, after all.  But there are certain things that we just don't take kindly to.  Of course, our sports teams are the basis for a lot of the reasons why these people ended up on this list.

For years now we have waited for our teams to bring home a championship and we've gotten sooo close.  Of course, the 4 Super Bowl appearances really got our hopes up.  Then there was the 1999 Stanley Cup Finals.  All of them...we came up short.  The loss of a championship or even the loss of our team to another city will make most Buffalonians look at someone sideways.

There are also people on this list who have laughed at us and made us out to be a joke to the rest of the country for Ethnic traditions that we celebrate.

Whose name would you add to the list?

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