The middle of March to sometime in mid-April is that time of the year when the temperatures swing back and forth from warm to cold. Last week we had 70-degree temperatures to snow in less than 48 hours...only in Buffalo!

Although we've had 60's and even a 70-degree day or two this year, Western New York should be enjoying the first 80-degree day later on this week.

WKBW reports that the weather should remain mild for the entire week, with 65 for a high on Tuesday, 71 for a high on Wednesday, and 80 degrees for this upcoming Thursday!

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This would be the first 80-degree temperature we've had in roughly six months and surely a day to get out there and enjoy the weather, at least a little bit if you can!

Ice cream stands are starting to open at full force. The beaches will be reopening in May around the lakeshores of Western New York, and you know summer activities will be well underway shortly. I cannot wait for this week's weather, although we've had cooler temps for the weekends lately, so if those warm temps could stick around for Friday and Saturday, that would be terrific.

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