One thing I do in my spare time is blog about sports with some friends of mine. I even do a sports podcast from time to time. A day after the Buffalo Bills traded wide receiver Lee Evans to the Baltimore Ravens, fans including myself have not stopped talking and being very opinionted about the move. I cannot understand why the Bills would make such a move, it seems like this sort of thinking had been what is wrong with the organization for many years now. However, I am still a HUGE Bills fan and will be forever.

The Bills traded Lee Evans for a 4th round pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. Lee was a first round pick by the Bills in the 2004 NFL Draft. Lee was one of the most recognizable names and faces left with the team and now he's gone. The Bills do have a young group of wide receivers that are going to be exciting to watch like Stevie Johnson, Donald Jones, David Nelson and Marcus Easley. Letting Lee Evans go means that there is no veteran presence left at the wide receiver position, it's always nice to have a veteran to help the young guys and give them pointers.

I would've felt better about the move if the Bills had gotten something good in return like a high draft pick or maybe a veteran to help the young players on the offensive line. I know that both of those scenarios were highly unlikely with Lee Evans coming off of his worst season as a player for the Bills, in 2010 he had 37 catches for like 578 yards. I thought the Bills would've been smart and kept him around for at least one more year to mentor the youngsters, if you can't get something good for the guy keep him around. Seems like common sense to me, they gave away a guy that is going to shine in Baltimore. With Lee being only 30 years old he's got plenty left in the gas tank. He will be another player that will go elsewhere an turn into a star.

I started thinking last night about Bills 4th round picks from the last decade and how they've worked out, we all know that the Bills haven't been very successful with drafts over the last decade. Remember these players?

2010- Marcus Easley WR- Drafted 107th overall played for UConn and was put on IR last pre-season with a knee injury. With the departure of Lee Evans the spot for the number two receiver is up for grabs. Most fans including myself want to see what Easley can bring to the team.

2009- Shawn Nelson TE- Drafted 121st overall and played college ball in Southern Mississippi, he looked very promising someone who may come in and really be exciting to watch at the tight end position. Nelson was featured in an NFL commercial with a highlight from the Monday night opener in 2009 against the New England Patriots. Nelson was suspended the first four games in 2010 for violating the NFL substance and abuse policy. Nelson did not do much during the 2010 season following the suspension.

2008- Reggie Corner DB- Drafted 114th overall from the University Of Akron is current on the Bills roster. In 44 career games Corner has 91 tackles and 1 interception and 1 sack. Corner will enter his 4th year with the Bills.

2008- Derek Fine TE- Drafted 132nd overall from Kansas. Fine played some games for the Bills however was placed on IR in September of 2009 and was waived in February of 2010 by the Bills. He was claimed off waivers by the Rams and was waived only weeks later and then the same thing happened with the Houston Texans. Derek Fine is currently a free agent.

2007- Dwayne Wright FB- Drafted 111th overall and played at Fresno State, he declared for the draft instead of going back for his senior year at college. Wright was waived in 2008 by the Bills, then worked out with the Lions and signed a two year contract with the Philadelphia Eagles and was claimed off waivers by the Steelers and released by the Giants in there too. Most recently Wright played in the UFL for the Hartford Colonials and is now playing for the Toronto Argonauts as a full back in the CFL.

2006- Ko Simpson S- Drafted 105th overall and played college ball at South Carolina. Ko had a great rookie season with the Buffalo Bills with 77 tackles, 1 forced fumble and 2 interceptions. Ko was injured in 2007, he broke his ankle. He was traded to the Detroit Lions for a 7th round pick in 2009, he only played a few games for the Lions and was put on IR. He was released from the Lions in September of 2010. Ko is currently a free agent. Most Bills fans will remember his run in with the law in 2009 when he verbally abused South Carolina police officers and told them “I am Ko Simpson of the Buffalo Bills, and I am worth millions”. He may have been worth millions but he didn’t play for the Bills much longer after that incident.

2005- Duke Preston C- Drafted 122nd overall and played college ball at Illinois. Duke played in 59 games in four seasons with the Bills and made twenty starts. When he became an unrestricted free agent after four seasons with the Bills he was signed by the Packers in March of 2009 and released that August. He spent some on and off time with the Cowboys and announced that would retire from the NFL in May of 2010.

2004- Tim Euhus TE- Drafted 109th overall and played college ball at Oregon State. Euhus played in the 2004 and 2005 seasons for the Bills and had a pair of touchdowns and under 200 receiving yards in the two seasons. He was traded to the New Orleans Saints and waived, also waived by the Pittsburgh Steelers and finished his career in 2008 with the Arizona Cardinals. Euhus is currently a graduate assistant coach at his alma-mater Oregon State.

2003- Terrence McGee CB/KR- Drafted 111th overall and played college at Northwestern State. McGee is still a player for the Buffalo Bills. McGee has had some very bright moments for the Buffalo Bills throughout his career. 407 tackles and 17 interceptions in 109 games with the Buffalo Bills. McGee has had some injury problems, he was placed on IR in December of 2009 with a shoulder injury. McGee played nine games in 2010 and had 13 tackles.

2003- Sam Aiken WR- Drafted 127th overall and played his college ball with North Carolina. Aiken played mostly as a member of the special teams under Bobby April. After spending four seasons with the Bills Aiken became a member of the New England Patriots and was released by the Patriots in 2010. The Browns signed Aiken in September 2010 and released him a month later.

2002- No 4th round pick this year

2001- Brandon Spoon LB- Drafted 110th overall and played college ball in North Carolina. Spoon played one season with the Buffalo Bills. He had 65 tackles and 2 interceptions in that 2001-2002 season with the Bills.

2000- Avion Black WR/KR- Drafted 121st overall and played college ball at Tennessee State. Avion played two season with the Buffalo Bills and one season with the Houston Texans. He played in 27 career games, started in zero games and had 1 touchdown and 142 receiving yards.

Interesting huh? Maybe the Bills will strike gold in 2012 with their added 4th round pick they got for Lee Evans. We will see.