Buffalo Bills fans are everywhere, and they aren't afraid to show their colors.  Even when it's at another team's quarterback camp.

The Carolina Panthers are the home to Cam Newton.  On Friday, May 10th he was holding his annual celebrity "KICKING IT WITH CAM! Celebrity Kickball Tournament."

Everything seemed to be going well.  They were taking pictures.  People were smiling.  Then he noticed something that someone was wearing in the front row of the picture.

It was a Bills fan.  And he was wearing his colors proudly.

It was all in fun, I'm sure.  But really, is Cam going to at least replace the hat that guy just lost?

The Bills do play the Panthers this year, but it's just a preseason battle on August 16th.  Chances are, we won't see much of Cam at all during that game, if we see any of him at all.  It's normal for starting quarterbacks to only play a couple series at most during pre-season.

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