The dairy industry in Western New York is facing some financial struggles. As the cost of doing business is going up, the price of milk seems to be going down. What can be done to help? A local farmer wrote an open letter that offers a few ideas.

In all reality the US dairy farmer can not compete in the world market. Here is why... Our cost of production and our processors cost of production is way too high to compete with in the world markets.-Jeff Tingue

The price of milk in 2018 has started to take a steep decline. In just the first few months, the price of milk is down $3.54 from last year and things are not looking much better for the rest of 2018.

Milk Price from USDA

It was three years ago that I visited with Rich Hoelscher on his farm in the Langford/North Collins area and saw the hard work that goes in to producing milk. The smaller farms feel the pressure and strain of the dairy market the most.

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In his letter written on Facebook this month, Jeff Tingue spelled out a few things that the Federal Government and USDA can do to help even the small farmers. Tingue owns C & J Dairy in Delevan, NY.

Is it because of tradition that they continue to beat up their bodies and sacrifice things for their family and future generations? Yes, in just about every case. However, you won't find a more proud, honest, loyal and dedicated, passionate American than the family-owned dairy farmer. I think we all should raise a tall glass of milk to that!