There are so many great places to hang out here in Western New York. And I am not only talking about great places to eat, drink, and chill. I am talking about complete area neighborhoods that are turning into a one-stop-shop to do everything. From wining and dining to shopping and swaying to live music.

One of the hottest spots is Larkinville. The area has seen a resurgence in the past few years. Larkin Square is known for Food Truck Tuesdays going on now until October along with great live music weekly.

One of the standouts in that area is the Larkin Complex named after John D. Larkin. Do you know who John D. Larkin is or who designed the building named after him? The Larkin Building was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1902 with construction starting in 1904 and being completed in 1906. It was the home of Larkin Soap Company. And although it was demolished in 1950 the site and the other buildings that surround it is still awe-inspiring.

A friend of mine, Karl Josker, was able to get inside to take some pictures of the other buildings still around the area that were being renovated. It is both eerie and awesome to see the architecture and to relive the history of such a great era.


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