When you see a good deal on chicken, steaks, frozen dinners, fish or whatever...you have to buy it!  Right?  I mean, you can just buy it, freeze it and have it at a later date.

True, but how long should you keep certain products frozen before they get freezer burn or just start to go bad?  Here's a little guide.- For most frozen dinners, the rule is 3-4 months.

- An unopened package of bacon is only good for one month.  Make sure you use up that bacon....having to throw any out is a sin.  LOL!

Ground beef or ground turkey should be kept frozen no longer than three months.

Shellfish can last up to six months in the freezer.  Fish fillets, up to five months.  I recommend using fish as soon as possible...the fresher, the better!

- Believe it or not....a whole chicken or a whole turkey can stay frozen in the freezer for 12 months and still have a delicious taste.  If you cook the chicken or turkey and then freeze it, that will only stay good for up to four months maximum.

(Radio Online)