Nearly 500,000 people attended the Taste of Buffalo this year which means tons of food was consumed. Chances are you didn't get all the 50+ restaurants. Chances are you also saw a bunch of people walking around with clipboards...these were the judges for the event.

For the 2nd year, I was honored to be a judge and give my un-trained opinion of the food at the Taste.

As a judge, we were given 3 Resturants had to stop and sample each item they had for sale and then we could have one restaurant as a judge's pick. Of course, most places what to impress the judges so they give up some pretty hearty portions of food...which after 4 stops I was full!

Check out some of the food I was lucky enough to sample.

Some of my personal favorites were the Shrimp Crabcake, Deep fried PBJ, and Bubble Tea Smoothie!

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