Last week, news came that New York State was giving the school districts the option to eliminate snow days this academic year.

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Now, two major Western New York school districts are about to do just that.

According to WIVB, officials at Buffalo Public Schools and Niagara Falls City Schools say they're "practically done with snow days this year."

It's all because of the technology and remote-learning brought on by the pandemic.

“If we can deploy all of our technology, which we will in the next two weeks, snow days could be a thing of the past,” said Niagara Falls City Schools district superintendent Mark Laurrie.

The only exception would be a power outage brought on by a snow storm, in which case a snow day might have to be used. Usually, the district plans for three snow days a year.

The biggest challenge says Laurrie, is making sure students remember to bring their remote devices home.

The Buffalo Public Schools will be fully remote to start with a chance of a hybrid model in the coming weeks.

Students and staff will be required to attend school during snowy weather. Teachers in that case would be allowed to teach from home.

Man, it sure sounds like snow days are all but finished. To be honest, with the technology at our disposal nowadays, I'm surprised it took a pandemic to make school districts eliminate snow days.

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