It's not everyday the Buffalo Police + Fire Departments get phone calls like this, but in fact, it was not an easy one to solve at first.
On Saturday night they got a call that a ball python had bit a woman as she was trying to give it a bath and was not letting go. Now, ball pythons are not poisonous, but they do have a ton of teeth that a short and sharp and they face inward making it super hard to unlatch them once they bite. According to The Buffalo News:

Then the dispatcher advised spraying the python’s snout with rubbing alcohol, or pouring cold water over it.

“We’re trying that,” the answer came. “We’re trying food. We’re trying everything here.”

They even tried calling the Buffalo SPCA and Buffalo Zoo for some advice of this. Eventually, the python let up it's grip when the woman moved closer to the bathtub.

...Now, that's something you don't hear of every day.

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