We're over the warm, summer weather. It's pretty much nothing but cold days for the next four months or so. Snow will be the story shortly, which means that it will be less fun venturing to work and running errands around Buffalo and Western New York.

The old saying in Buffalo is that summer is "construction season."

The spring and summer is routinely used as the time to develop road upgrades and repair/repave roadways, many of them which were brutally battered during the winter. Sometimes, however, there is construction for something else. That's the case for major roadwork in Lackawanna.

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If you live in Lackawanna or South Buffalo, then you likely know about the roadwork that has been taking place since two weeks ago.

It's part of a project to install three manholes and a new sanitary sewer, which means much of the road on Ridge has been ripped up; just before the intersection at Abbott.

It's one-lane on Abbott and on Ridge, which has caused huge traffic delays, especially in the afternoon rush hour.

If you usually drive down this portion of Abbott and Ridge, it's best to find an alternate route through Friday. The expectation is that this work wraps up by 5 pm on Friday, November 10th. Things should be back to normal by the time we get to the weekend.

I live in South Buffalo and normally use this intersection every day. It's been a nightmare trying to get through it. Try your best to avoid it in the afternoon rush.

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