The Illinois attorney general's office uncovered some records about Garth Brooks and his opening concert stops in Rosemont, Illinois right outside of Chicago. According to the Chicago Tribune:

Rosemont agreed to pay Brooks $100,000 per sold-out show and a prorated sum for shows that didn't sell out. The village also slashed the arena's rental fee in an effort to lure Brooks' September 2014 performances, records show.


It's safe to say Brooks probably makes even more than that after ticket sales. This was just a 'rebate', according to NBC, for kicking the tour off in that city, which brought nearly 2 million dollars to Rosemont. But, don't think that Garth puts an $100k check right in his pocket--it's not that easy.

the deal that showed a $1,050,000 "rebate" for the 11 shows he played at the arena

The shows in Rosemont saw Garth Brooks for an 11-concert run that cost Brooks + Co. about $35,000 to rent out the arena each night and then there's Garth's crew, band, promoter and more that need to be paid.

Regardless of what Garth Brooks makes, you better bet your bottom-dollar that you will see the greatest show of your concert-going career this week as Brooks + company roll into Western New York to do a 6-show stint that lasts through Sunday night.There will be a few surprises and a whole lot of memories made again here in Buffalo after a 17-year-drought of the 'Callin' Baton Rouge' singer.




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