As the trees are budding with leaves and summertime activities are preparing to open back up for the warm weather ahead, Mother Nature still has a few tricks up her sleeve for us.

I know, it seems like a cruel joke that we have snow forecasted in Western New York in the third week of April, but considering the up and down weather we've had the last few weeks, perhaps this shouldn't be a huge surprise.

According to The Weather Channel's forecast for the Buffalo, NY region this week, there will be a cold front passing through Western New York on Tuesday and that will give way to rain and yes, snow showers for Buffalo on Wednesday.

In fact, as of now, 3-5 inches of accumulating snow is "expected" for the Buffalo area on Wednesday. Temperatures might not even make it out of the 30s.

Thursday could see spotty snow showers with a high around 40-42 degrees. Luckily, the weather warms back up for Friday and into the weekend -- getting back into the 50s.

WIVB 4 Warn Weather is reporting that even some lake enhanced snow showers could develop well east of Buffalo Wednesday overnight into Thursday morning.

Kevin Williams of Weather-Track in Rochester showed a grizzly model for Wednesday across Western New York, and as you can see, there's a lot of blue in there.

Western and Central New York won't be the only regions dealing with some snow and cold temps. Michigan and Ohio will also be dealing with snowfall and even some accumulations.

Since this is Sunday and we're still three days away from Wednesday, things could change for the worse or better in terms of snow; so maybe we can have an improved outlook for the weather week in the hours and days ahead. One thing's for sure though -- it will be cold and snow will be very possible. Don't we love springtime in Western New York!

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