Every child fears, what many of us know as, the Halloween Parent Consumption Tax. It’s the fee that parents charge for taking you around from house to house all night, and although the fee is only charged in the form of  candy and sweets, you never know how much it’s going to be. 

Most parents charge the fee when you are attempting to enjoy your hard-earned candy, and typically it’s about a 10% rate (which means for every 10 pieces of candy that a kid enjoys, the parents gets one piece of candy).

According to WBIW, “78% of parents admit they steal candy from their kid’s Halloween bag.” Over a quarter of parents will eat more candy than their kids! 

And while candy is sweet and delicious, there are some other things that parents wish they could “trick or treat!” for that isn’t candy. 

If Western New York’s adults could go trick or treating, here are 15 things we would hope to see in our treat bag. 

15 Things WNY Adults Want For Halloween

Snagging a piece of candy or two out of your kid's trick or treat bag is grand and all, but there's so many things we wish we could find in our treat bag.

Gallery Credit: Kadie Daye, Canva Image, Getty Image

It would be nice if they handed out gift cards to the adults on Halloween, but it doesn't seem like that would be very feasible. However, I do like Bernie's idea of saying "trick or beer." I could see some households giving a beer to a parent who says that.

What would you want in your Halloween treat bag?

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