Some of the best areas in Western New York are in the countryside, and if you go east from Buffalo you get some beautiful areas. I have family that lives that way and it's so fun to drive out there at any point of the year.

Alden is a gorgeous region and a perfect place to build a dream estate. This amazing home in Alden is incredible and it has a ton of unique features that you would absolutely want for your dream home.

Listed on Zillow for just under $1.2 million, this estate not just has an amazing home with a stunning interior, but it also has its own horse stables, garages, and even its very own pond and race track.

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Yes, a race track for horses, and it spans 5/8th of a mile. It looks gigantic from the aerial view. You also have a gunite saltwater pool, along with your very own pond and acres of land. It's breathtaking.

The interior has one of the most gorgeous kitchens you will ever see in your life and an awesome living room that you can lounge around in.

Privacy is assured at this home as well. Check out some photos below, courtesy of Zillow.

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