The Buffalo Bills didn't quite look like themselves yesterday outside of a few plays.  But when you see these plays from a different angle you literally get a new perspective.

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The Bills were throwing bombs yesterday against the Miami Dolphins.

If you were watching, it was what made fans cringe near the end of the game. In one series, the Bills attempted a long pass to Gabriel Davis that went incomplete.  Then they followed that up with another long pass to Davis.  The following play was a sack and they were off the field.  When you see that, you say, "What the heck were they thinking going for the exact same pass twice in a row?"

It's as if the Dolphins were begging the Bills to try to go deep.  So they did.

Early in the game, they saw some pretty big success too.  One pass to Diggs was a 52-yard completion.  But when you break it down, you can actually see it was longer than that.  52 yards is just the distance from the line of scrimmage to where he caught the ball.

And it looked like it was just a flick of the wrist for him.  If you've ever tried to throw a ball that far, you know how difficult it was.  Then try to do it with accuracy and you'll know just how incredible it was.

Now, want to see the insane angle?  This one is from behind the line of scrimmage.  It's up high, so it's not quite what Allen sees, but it's closer than the side view.

"Sometimes you gotta just let dogs be dogs."

The Bills will continue on this week against the Cincinnati Bengals in Orchard Park.  It's a game that the world has been waiting to see for a couple weeks now.  We will see if the Bills can land a couple more of these freakish throws and bring home another "W," as they say.

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