The offseason praise just keeps rolling in for the Buffalo Bills.  Super Bowls aren't won on paper, but the offseason hype machine keeps growing in Western New York.

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It's the NFL offseason, and those of us that need to get our daily football fix have been scouring the interwebs to see what all of the "experts" are saying about our Buffalo Bills.  If you were to take a look, you'd see that the Bills have had plenty of praise heaped upon them, setting the bar high for the upcoming season.

After all of their offseason moves and draft picks, they are now the odds-on favorite in Vegas to win the Super Bowl.  And Josh Allen just jumped over Patrick Mahomes (Insert Josh Allen jumping over things GIF here) to land the top spot on the latest NFL QB power rankings list.

Now comes the news that Western New York's favorite dynamic duo, Allen & Diggs have leaped their way up the list of the top duos in the NFL.

CBS just released their list of the Top Duos on every team in the NFL.  The criteria that they used to come up with each team's top duo were the following points per

  • Play (or coach) on the same side of the ball
  • Contribute to the team's offensive or defensive success
  • Can be from the same position, but not a prerequisite
  • Can be the two best players (or coaches) on that particular side of the ball

Following those criteria, the choice of Allen & Diggs was pretty obvious.  CBS Sports went on to say:

Allen's game took off when the Bills traded for Diggs, who set an NFL record with 230 receptions in his first two years with a new team. Diggs is also third in the NFL in receptions (230) and receiving yards (2,760) over the past two years.

The one common factor that the duos ahead of the Bills in spots 1 & 2 have is that they have taken home a Lombardi Trophy together.  Matt Lafleur & Aaron Rodgers have yet to win it all together, and the same can be said for Allen & Diggs.

For the full list of the best player-only duos on each NFL Team, spoiler alert Allen & Diggs also rank 4th,  CLICK HERE.

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