Another car collided with a building in Western New York over the weekend, affecting one local business from normal operations.

The vehicle was a Dodge Charger, and it collided with Rick Cycle shop in Allentown on Sunday night. 

The accident occurred at the intersection of Allen Street and Franklin Street, and it appears that the front of the bicycle shop sustained damage from the crash. 

News 4 posted a video showing the aftermath of the crash, which you can see below.

I’ve heard people in Western New York refer to Buffalo as the “self-proclaimed world capital of drivers crashing into buildings,” and I’m starting to believe it.

I did some digging and I found an old report from News 4 when they put together a list of 26 crash sites. They also tracked how many incidents occurred where a car crashed into a building, and soon, they had reached over 150 news stories of such events happening across Western New York. 

Take a look at the map of all the accidents reported within the last 8 years where a car collided with a building and made it inside an establishment in Western New York. 


Here's a closer look at that map.



It’s scary to think how even when you are on a sidewalk or inside a building, you still might not be safe from a vehicle in Western New York. 

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