It's always a fun adventure to stay at a hotel, but the growing trend is to stay at an AirBnB, which offers a more personal touch and experience for the guest.

It's similar to a bed & breakfast, which is a unique experience because of the "homey" atmosphere, that makes it more personable for guests; plus, the food as well.

There's one bed & breakfast that just went on the market that would be an awesome place to own and treat guests.

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Listed on Zillow for $850,000, this amazing estate located on Lockport Olcott Rd. in Newfane offers both the option of living in the main house, which boasts its own four bedrooms and two bathrooms, or to occupy the active bed & breakfast, which offers three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

This location has Cooke's Creekview B&B. It looks absolutely gorgeous. In fact, even if you don't necessarily want to occupy the B&B, you can choose to go with another tenant.

The living areas are without a doubt a highlight, along with the country kitchen atmosphere that would make it perfect to stay in.

Check out some photos below, courtesy of Zillow.

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