There are quite a few amazing homes for sale in Western New York. Many are going for $500,000, but some others are pushing $1 million, with some even over the million-dollar mark.

What's the room everyone looks at first in regards to purchasing a new home?

The kitchen is a popular answer; how big is the kitchen? What's the layout of the kitchen? Etc.

The living room is another big one, as well as the bedrooms and how many bedrooms there are, which is important for families. However, there's another part of a potential new home that could be a deal-breaker for a home owner...the basement.

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Most basements are just used for storage. Some others have a couch and television, which makes it a little more inviting. Then there's this first-floor room at a house in Clarence that could be the nicest basement/first-floor we have ever seen in Western New York.

Listed for just a shade under one million dollars on Zillow, this gorgeous home in Clarence has a huge plot of land, with a giant backyard and a beautiful patio. It has four bedrooms and four bathrooms, with elegance in every room.

The first floor is unbelievable.

It has a huge dining room, private office, wet bar and easy-chairs. It also has a huge TV mounted on the wall and hardwood floors. It looks incredibly nice and could be the nicest first floor or basement we have seen in Western New York.

Check out some photos of the home below.

Incredible Basement at Million-Dollar Home in Clarence

This million-dollar home for sale in Clarence could have the nicest first floor in all of Western New York.

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