Only the White House in Washington gets more visitors each year. Graceland Mansion in Memphis is the second most-visited house in America. And it’s actually the second house Elvis bought for his family. Just one year earlier he bought a four-bedroom ranch house in a residential area of Memphis, but in just a short time it was so overrun with fans and gawkers he needed something more private. So he found a southern Colonial mansion on the outskirts of Memphis on a nearly 14 acre estate. He put down a $1,000 cash deposit on a sale price of $102,500. He was just 22 years old.

Graceland became the home for not only Elvis, but his parents and his grandmother Minnie Mae. And during the 20 years he lived there Elvis had a number of girlfriends and his wife Priscilla live there with him. The “Memphis Mafia” also stayed with him – childhood and other friends who sometimes worked for him and sometimes just hung out. Graceland is also where Elvis died in a master bedroom bathroom in the summer of 1977.

It was on this date, March 19, 1957 Elvis bought Graceland Mansion.